Caitlin T. McCormack
Mystery ManOur Lady of Sunken ShipsOur Lady of Broken PromisesSeconds Before the Bargain Was StruckThe Mesmerist's DaughtersRed DeliciousMay I Have Your Skin?Nemo Last CupYule LogI <3 FerretsDe GrootvaderCorneliusThe Pink CorridorL. RonStalwart of the AbyssRespiteStrumpotThe Tummy BeastThe Fortuitous Little PeachlingAlphonseUntitledUnannouncedBrown Bag LifeHereSegway TourFilm Still No.1GlennMessengerUntitled Clonin' O'Brien
These are three-dimensional illustrations. I take photographs of the environments and characters that I build and digitally manipulate the images as minimally as possible.

Some of these images are available as prints! Visit my Society 6 page for more information.